Micro Precision Machining.

Micro Precision Machining

Our state-of-the-art facility operates around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with “lights out machining” to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromise on quality or lead times.

At the core of our Escomatic parts manufacturing service lie advanced coil-fed CNC Escomatic lathes. These high-performance machines enable us to produce precise, intricate components with exceptional dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Vital to our Escomatic machining capabilities are our conventional cam-driven Escomatic lathes with coil-feeding systems are essential for high-volume production runs. This dedicated equipment grants us flexibility and expanded capacity to efficiently manufacture large orders of Escomatic components.

Our facility houses a comprehensive list of CNC lathes, enabling us to coordinate the majority of outsourced processes internally. By consolidating Escomatic machining requirements under one roof, we deliver customers a convenient, streamlined solution to meet all their manufacturing needs.

  • Advanced coil-fed CNC Escomatic lathes
  • Cam-driven Escomatic lathes with coil-feeding systems
  • Exceptional dimensional accuracy and repeatability
  • Suite of in-house machining technologies
  • 1mm diameter to 7mm diameter components
  • Turning tolerances as tight as 16 microns
  • Minimum batches of 10,000 components

Unrivalled precision and tolerances

Precision is paramount in Escomatic parts manufacturing. For Escomatic component production, maintaining tight tolerances and sustainable repeatability is paramount. Our specialised machining capabilities span components ranging from 1mm to 7mm in diameter, with turning operations achieving tolerances as precise as 16 microns.

Such exacting precision is crucial for industries where even minuscule deviations can have severe implications, including medical devices, aerospace, and precision instrumentation manufacturing. Muller’s steadfast dedication to upholding stringent accuracy standards ensures we deliver Escomatic parts that conform precisely to your specified requirements, batch after batch.

At a glance:

  • 1mm diameter to 7mm diameter components
  • Turning tolerances as tight as 16 microns

Diverse materials expertise

  • Stainless steel 303
  • Aluminium
  • Brass 
  • Mild steel

Regardless of the material or complexity, we have the expertise to ensure precise and reliable Escomatic machining results, tailored to your unique requirements.

Our Escomatic component manufacturing capabilities are engineered to handle a wide range of production volumes efficiently. Our CNC Escomatic lathes can accommodate minimum batch quantities as low as 10,000 units, while our conventional cam-operated Escomatic lathes are well-suited for larger minimum orders of 50,000 components or more. This versatile production capacity allows us to scale up or down seamlessly based on your specific needs and order volumes.

Regardless of whether your requirements call for short production runs or large-scale manufacturing volumes, our Escomatic machining resources deliver consistent quality and on-time delivery. We strategically leverage our advanced CNC and cam-operated lathes to maximise cost-efficiencies across different batch sizes. This scalable approach ensures we can meet your exact order quantities for Escomatic components without compromising on precision, lead times, or pricing competitiveness.

Stringent quality assurance

Our Escomatic component production follows stringent quality management protocols backed by our ISO 9001 certification adherence. This comprehensive quality standard ensures our processes, from initial design to final part delivery, meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Complementing our standards commitment, our organisation-wide MRP II system implementation allows for comprehensive manufacturing monitoring and control. This integrated system provides full traceability and process visibility for each Escomatic component order, from customer inquiry through production and shipment.

Central to our Escomatic machining operations is an unwavering dedication to achieving total customer satisfaction on every order. Our focus on continuous improvement and impeccable quality control enables us to consistently manufacture Escomatic components that meet or surpass your exact specifications and requirements. By prioritising customer success as our core value, Muller has cultivated long-standing collaborative partnerships built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Our Escomatic parts manufacturing service caters to a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Dental industry components
  • Hydraulic system components
  • Electronic industry components
  • Electrical industry components
  • Automotive components 

Our extensive industry experience and proven track record demonstrate our ability to deliver high-quality, high-precision Escomatic components that meet the most demanding specifications.

When you partner with Muller for your Escomatic parts manufacturing needs, you can expect:

  • Long-standing partnerships focused on mutual growth and success
  • A comprehensive range of machining solutions, including Escomatic, from a single provider
  • A highly skilled and experienced workforce specialising in Escomatic machining
  • Continuous investment in workforce training and development
  • The backing and support of a well-established manufacturing group

Contact us today to discuss your Escomatic parts project requirements, and learn how our manufacturing service can deliver precision-machined components with uncompromising accuracy and quality.