Our Team.

Our Team

At the core of Muller’s precision manufacturing excellence is our world-class team of industry professionals. From our seasoned leadership team to skilled engineers on the shop floor, our people bring decades of combined expertise honed through real-world experience.

This knowledge allows us to approach every project with a solutions-focused mindset. We foster a collaborative environment where our team members work in unison, drawing upon their specialised areas to develop optimised manufacturing strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Our team’s technical ability spans the full breadth of machining disciplines, including CNC turning, milling, grinding, and speciality processes. This comprehensive expertise ensures we can manufacture even the most geometrically complex components with utmost precision across a diverse range of materials and alloys.

What truly sets our team apart is their unwavering commitment to continuous learning and process improvement. We actively cultivate an environment of knowledge-sharing, where senior members pass down their invaluable insights to rising talents. This two-way transfer guides our culture of excellence from one generation to the next.

Embodying our core values of integrity, innovation, and meticulous quality control, Muller’s team approaches each project as a partnership. We work hand-in-hand with your engineers, forging a collaborative dynamic that prioritises open communication and transparency from concept through completion.

We take pride in our people and look forward to putting their skills to work for you.

Managing Director & CEO, Muller England

A time-served engineer with over 40 years in subcontract machining and engineering management, leading our micro machining division.

Managing Director, Muller Redditch

An engineer with over 35 years experience in sub-contract machining and engineering management now leads our operations.

Technical Director, Muller Redditch

David contributes 40+ years of production engineering and management expertise to the Muller Group.

Production Manager, Muller South Wales

Mark brings 30 years of specialised Escomatic experience to Muller South Wales micro machining division.

Plant Manager, Muller Wednesbury

Mike contributes 30 years of multi-spindle expertise to our High Volume Machining facility in Wednesbury.