Advantage Of High Volume Multi Spindle Products

In this blog post, we analyse high volume multi-spindle products in more detail by outlining their advantages. Multi-spindle machines utilise multiple spindles around a drum, to execute multiple cuts simultaneously.

The advantages of using high volume multi-spindle products:

1. Speed

High volume multi-spindle machines can produce products up to four times faster than a machine that operates with a single spindle. This ensures bulk orders or orders that need to be made within a specific time frame can be made quickly and efficiently with a high volume multi-spindle machine.

2. Versatility

As the machine has more spindles, it can produce greater machining versatility. More complex components can be made by the machine, as multi-spindles around the drum can cut simultaneously and precisely.

3. Efficiency

The manufacturing process can be split across six stations and balanced between each station. High volume multi-spindle machines are able to use six stations, reducing the production time needed to complete a component.

4. Cost-efficiency

As components can be made faster and more efficiently than components created by single­ spindle machines, they are more cost-effective as the reduced cycle times reduce the cost per component. Faster production time also means the cost of operating the machines is lower, further reducing the price of the components.

5. Productivity

Productivity comes from reduced cycle times and the manning ratios of personnel to machines.

6. Precise

High volume multi spindle machines can hold tolerances down to 0.05mm on diameters. This ensures that even when creating small components, precision can be achieved. This also ensures quality control practices can be easily maintained as the machines produce consistently precise products.

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