Reshoring – Is It A Commercially Viable Option? Let’s Explore It Together.

With today’s globally inflated material prices, the outcome is that material costs represent a bigger percentage of the total price, reducing the added value element.

Coupled with four-five and six-fold increases to freightage charges from the Far East makes local a competitive option.

What Other Benefits?

There will be a significant reduction in working capital when you are allowed to schedule products in smaller batches receiving them and paying for them only as you need them, as opposed to ordering bulk a container at a time.

A much speedier efficient problem-solving regime, with a dramatic reduction in the length of the supply chain.

Come and talk to MULLER we can support all your precision machining needs.

Miniature Components from a dedicated division supporting the Electronic, Electrical and Dental industries to name but a few.

High Volume Multi Spindle Components for the Automotive, Hydraulic and Pnuematic industries. Highly complex Multi faceted components from our state of the art CNC facility.


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