Why Choose Muller England For Your Next High-volume Manufacturing Project

At Muller England, high-volume machining is one of our specialties. But first thing’s first: what is a high-volume manufacturing project?

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“High-volume” refers to a large number, typically in the hundreds or thousands, of identical parts on order, for mass production in a short time frame. Any number less than 10,000 is typically not considered high-volume.

Where Multi-spindle Machines Can Really Help

At Muller, we have a number of multi-spindle machines on our floor, specifically designed for fulfilment of high-volume orders. Multi-spindle machines are typically fitted with six spindles, so one rotation of the drum allows for approximately four times as much work as a single spindle machine.

Our vertical machines free up a lot of floor space, allowing us to fill our workshop with multi-spindle machinery, which come with additional spindles that allow jobs to be completed rapidly. This is exactly what you need when looking to place a high-volume order.

All About Muller England For High-volume Orders

We specialise in CNC, manual, and micro-part machining, and we have two sites dedicated to high volume machining, and you can read more about this service of ours here. We work with a range of materials including, but not limited to, aluminium, brass and stainless steel, so for versatile project part production, we’re your one-stop shop.

We regularly work with very large organisations and we prioritise customer service and transparency. We track all stages of every project we undertake, allowing our customers to receive immediate status updates whenever they contact us to enquire about their order.

We carry out high-volume production work for a number of industries including automotive, defence, healthcare, electrical, gas, and hydraulics. Our experienced team and operatives are regularly trained on the most up-to-date machining techniques, ensuring that our part production is always carried out to the highest standards.

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