Top Five Benefits Of Multi-Turret CNC Turning

In any business, time is money. So, when it comes to choosing machinery, multi-turret turning can help you develop a more flexible engineering process and reduce costs on time and resources. The latest technology three turret lathe can incorporate two turrets machining on either of the spindles while a third turret works on the opposing spindle, also making it possible for milling and drilling operations to be carried out inclusively. In this post, we’re going to examine the top five benefits of three-turret CNC turning in optimising productivity.

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1.Reduced Process Time

Save time in your engineering process by investing in multi-turret machining. Thanks to the three-turret system, you can machine multiple elements of a component at once. A highly trained CNC programmer will find the optimum process, ensuring the program takes advantage of all areas that can be ‘over-lapped’.
Long lead times can be fatal to your business, making it difficult to manufacture and deliver products on time to your customer. As a multi-turret system requires fewer setups, your process time will reduce significantly.

2. Reduce Labour Costs

Multi-turret CNC lathes or turning centres can do the work of three single-spindle machines and more. They reduce labour costs through single set-up machining. As such, your CNC turning machine will ensure your business maintains its competitive edge.

3. Improve Product Quality

With single set-ups, the three turret CNC lathe reduces the potential for handling and loading errors that other, less advanced, machines are prone to. The machines can also utilise effective tool management through their CNC control, providing a solid platform for the reduction of non-conforming product.

4. Create Complex Components

With each spindle and turret being completely independent the skilled programmer can create complex components, either at the machine, or by way of readily available CAD/CAM software. Proven, robust machine tool design ensures a high level of repeatability on the most complex of parts.

5. Eliminate Excess Equipment

The purchase of a single multi-turret CNC turning machine to do the work of three older models will ensure the elimination of excess equipment. Whilst these multi-tasking machines do require more planning in the design phase, their ability to tackle complexity and produce high volumes are ideal for experienced engineers and purchasing professionals to compete in today’s global marketplace.

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