The Accuracy Of Multi-Spindle Machining

In the manufacturing industries, having highly accurate machinery is vital. Faulty machining and defective parts can lead to a lower quality of final products and more rejects. So, if you’re looking for ways to increase your manufacturing accuracy, then moving towards multi-spindle machining could be for you.

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Let’s read more about the accuracy of multi-spindle machining and find out how our workshop could benefit your company.

What is a multi spindle machine?

Unlike a single spindle machine with only one tool and function, a multi-spindle machine contains 6 or 8 spindles that rotate on a central drum.

This design allows the multi-spindle machine to have more than one function. As such, it is a fantastic way to increase productivity and save space on the factory floor.

How accurate is multi spindle machining?

The accuracy of your multi-spindle machine varies depending on your manufacturer. For this reason, the team at Muller England conduct thorough checks on our multi-spindle machinery, so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate cuts.

At our workshop, our multi-spindle machines are certified to meet industry standards ISO 9001 and IATF. These certificates assure our customers that we conduct thorough quality control checks on all our products before sending them to our clients.

Plus, Muller’s experience in micromachining and escomatics means we have the expertise to create parts as small as 1mm. So, you can rest assured that we can manufacture the perfect parts for your business with our highly accurate multi-spindle machining.

Why is multi spindle machining so accurate?

There are numerous reasons for the accuracy of multi-spindle machines. One is that because the machinery condenses multiple processes into a single operation, your workers will no longer have to load and reload your materials between lathes. This time-efficient process reduces the risk of human error or imprecise loading.

Another reason for the multi-spindle machinery’s high accuracy is the newness of the technology. Updating older, existing systems in your manufacturing plant, the multi-spindle machining’s cutting edge technology upgrades the accuracy of older, single spindle machines.

Why choose Muller England’s multi-spindle machining?

For highly accurate multi-spindle machines, call the team at Muller England. We specialise in high volume spindle work and creating specialised miniature components, prioritising accuracy and quality in every product we make.

For more information or to contact our friendly customer service teams, get in touch today.

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Image Source: Pixabay