The Advantages Of Escomatic Coil Fed Machines

Escomatic coil fed machines have been around since the 1940s and offer a unique set of features that can make them indispensable in certain situations. Unlike standard lathes that rotate materials to be cut, escomatic coil fed machines do things differently. Instead, cutting tools are mounted onto a tool head which rotates around the material to machine it. As the head rotates, cutters feed into the material which creates the finished product.

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The cutters on an escomatic coil fed machine are usually operated using a CNC servo or cams. With rotational speeds of 8-12,000 rpm and a pivot into the stock instead of a straight radial feed motion, these machines can handle a lot of centrifugal force at high speed. By setting the tools close to the stock, there is a noticeable drop in non-cutting time.

These machines are typically found with a rotating straightener, too. For material fed into the machine that is 6mm and under, straightening the coil is essential. The material is revolved around the stock, which works to straighten the wire. Once the machining is complete, the machined parts are held in the counter collet for parting off. The end result is a flat clean face with no unwanted excess material.

The advantages of escomatic machines

Escomatic coil fed machines offer a range of advantages when it comes to processing and creating miniature precision components. We have highlighted a few of the advantages below:

They can handle all types of material

Escomatic coil fed machines are a fantastic option if you intend to work with different metals.Common materials include stainless and mild steel, brass and aluminium.

They are cost-effective

By design, escomatic coil fed machines work via coil feeding, so they do not require an operator. The only real staffing required for this machine is maintenance and when it needs to be re-fed, around once a week. This can help keep costs down while still producing components.

They are great for productivity

Due to their semi-autonomous nature, escomatic coil fed machines can run near-constantly without supervision. This allows for exceptional  productivity when compared to a manually operated machine.

They offer precision engineering

Escomatic coil fed machines offer precision machining producing components to tight tolerances.. A perfect example of this is their foundation – these machines were initially built for the Swiss watchmaking industry. Known for their prowess in precision engineering in the watch industry, it speaks volumes that the escomatic coil fed machine is one of their preferred machine tools.

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