Repeatability in Multi-Spindle Machining: The Benefits

If you’re looking to perform a lot of simultaneous automatic machine tooling actions quickly, precisely, and with a minimal margin for error, multi-spindle machining is your best option for getting great results.

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What Is Multi-Spindle Machining?

Automatic multi-spindle lathes use a synchronised, drum-mounted action to repeat the process exactly. Once set, only periodic inspection is required to confirm repeatability.

Why Should I Consider Using A Multi-Spindle Setup?

Multi-spindle machines make manufacturing easy, freeing up floor space and process time by combining and automating repetitive machining tasks that would otherwise have taken multiple units to complete.

Rapid, high-volume, small item cutting, and finishing (particularly in metalwork) are where multi-spindle tooling really excels. If you need a lot of precision-designed, high-quality pieces finished fast, use multi-spindle machining.

Next Steps

At Muller England, we use multi-spindle production lines to deliver flexible-volume machined parts for a wide variety of applications and projects, at competitive prices per unit. To discuss your requirements and find out how we can help, please get in touch today.

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Image source: Superior Spindle